Administrative Division of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

24/02/2013 14:56

The Administration Department of DSE runs with the goal of providing possible assistance to all other departments in their smooth operation. The number of member firms in DSE has been increased from 195 to 230 in recent days. The DSE has also launched upgraded trading system recently.

The Human Resources Department is concerned with the selection, recruitment, training of employees, maintenance of employee database, employee leave maintenance, etc. As the number of officers and employees in DSE is increasing day by day, the workload of HRD has also expanded. Now a day the department is arranging different training programs for members and authorized representatives.

The Administration Division is involved in all day affairs administrative activities and all works of the CEO’s Secretariat. This department also arranges training programs offered by DSE and SEC.

The Executive in each part will report to respective Senior Executive and each Senior Executive will report to Manager. Manager will be responsible to AGM, AGM; will be responsible to DGM, Admin and DGM; Admin will finally be responsible to CEO through GM, Admin.

Functions of Administration Division:

There is lot of department including with Administration department and as well as lots of activities. To achieving organizational goal this department plays a vital role. The functions of Administration department are broadly described below:

General functions:

  • All day affairs administrative activities.
  • All works of the CEO’s Secretariat.

Membership Affairs:

  • Completion of regulatory formalities regarding the transfer of existing membership (share).
  • Yearly renewal of registration of all membership from SEC.
  • Competition of all formalities regarding the registration of new members by SEC.
  • Collection and preservation of yearly audited Balance Sheets of member houses and submission of one copy to SEC.
  • Completion of all formalities regarding the registration of new/fresh authorizes and sending to SEC for registration.
  • Renewal of registration of existing authorized representatives from SEC
  • Registration of authorized switched off from one member house to another.
  • Maintenance of updated information regarding all the members through Database
  • Maintenance of all member files and all letters, documents, etc. related to members.
  • Communication with members for members for training provided by DSE


Board Affairs:

  • Contact with the CEO and Board of Directors and set up the schedule of Board meeting
  • Preparation of minutes of the Board meetings and Committee meetings and get those minutes signed by the CEO and Board of Directors
  • Communication with Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the decisions of the Board as per requirement of the Board and SEC.

Documentation, Correspondence & Filing:

  • Preparation and maintenance of all documents relating to Board meeting and Committee meeting.
  • Forwarding of letters, documents, etc. to SEC, Member firms and other institutions.
  • Receiving and filling of all documents, letters, etc. from SEC, member firms and other institutions.
  • Issuance of departmental circular, IT announcement, etc.


Additional Affairs:

  • Coordination of all activities relating to the maintenance of Investor’s protection fund
  • Any other action as required by CEO.