An Analysis of Merchandising Activities in Bangladesh: A Study on Cotton Field (BD) Ltd

13/02/2013 00:51

If globalization provides the backdrop for drama, then the achievements of the garment industry in Bangladesh are indeed dramatic. In the short space of 15 years, Bangladesh emerged as the eight largest garment exporters to the United States by 2006. Approximately 100 different types of garment are exporting to 50 countries around the global.


Large-scale production of readymade garments in organized factories is a relatively new phenomenon in Bangladesh. Within a short period, Bangladesh entrepreneurs got familiar with the world apparel markets and marketing. They acquired the expertise of mobilizing resources to export-oriented industries. Foreign buyers found Bangladesh in increasingly attractive sourcing place. To take advantage of these cheap source foreign buyers extended in many cases, suppliers credit under special arrangements. In some case, local bank provided part of the equity capital. The problem of working capital was greatly solved with the introduction of back-to-back letter of credit which also facilitated import of quality fabric, the basic raw material of the industry, the government assigned high priority to the development of industry.

As a merchandiser executive, our merchandiser team and I always try to export our product. So main objective of this team is export to international market, reduce price and develop customer and market. So the team has to take some extra pressure for reduce the cost of product

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