Assignment on Comparative discussion between the two important Education Policy, namely, Education Policy-2000 and Education Policy Policy-2010

15/08/2012 21:14

This paper attempts to make a comparative discussion between the two important Education Policy, namely, Education Policy-2000 and Education Policy Policy-2010. I would like to divide this study into the following sections:

Education paves the way for developing a nation. It is the key to a nation’s development. Education is the principal means to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation. A properly educated nation, which is modern in generous and intellect and forward looking in thinking, can only put the country at the zenith of its development. That’s why education is the backbone of nations. In Bangladesh, the key to achieving high rates of economic growth and at the same time ensuring that the fruits of economic growth are equitably shared by her population lies in development and utilization of her human resources. Education has been recognized as a priority sector by all governments since her independence.
Objectives of this study:
<>Ø<>Ømainstream Education system in Bangladesh
<>Ø<>Ø<>Øpresent time and with then course of time, it will be implemented gradually and Bangladesh will get her long waited educated nation. So, hopefully, we can say that the Education Policy-2010 will play a significant to development of Bangladesh
Methodology of this study:
I would like to collect data and information relating to my assigned topic from both primary and secondary sources of information. Qualitative and Quantitative method are the key method in this study. I have also collected data and information from the Daily News Paper and different Report prepared by Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD) as well as the Website of the ministry of Education.
The education sector of Bangladesh: A review
<>(1)Structure: The education system in Bangladesh is characterized by co-existence of three separate streams. The mainstream happens to be a vernacular based secular education system carried over from the colonial past. There also exists a separate religious system of education. Finally, based on use of English as the medium of instruction, another stream of education.

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