Chinese Civilization (2300 B.C.-221 AD)

15/08/2012 21:11
This was the most ancient civilization of Far East Asian region. “Ancient Chinese religion was disorganized and vague. Belief in a particular religion was not existed among them. In the earlier stage they worshiped both natural power Inn and divine power Yang. They worshiped their ancestors also. Chou dynastic period was persuaded by religious sensibility, evil spirit, belief in god and goddess. To perform religious ceremonies there had no priest society. State appointed employees executed this duty. The nature of religious activities of Chin Dynasty was different from that of Shang and Chou dynasty. The basis of their religion was polytheism. Hun dynasty brought Buddhism in China.”[1]


“However, in 195B.C. philosophic idea of Confucius got the status of religion.”[2] It was influential on the history of Chinese civilization till the 20th century. “Some have considered it as the "state religion" of imperial China.”[3] Disagreement remained among the scholars on the issue, whether it is a religion actually. Confucianism was chosen by several dynasties like for use as a political system to govern the Chinese state. Confucianism as a doctrine was regarded as the mainstream Chinese orthodoxy for two thousand years until the beginning of the Chinese Communism.


For Confucius, “the legitimate ruler derives authority from heaven's command.”[4] But Confucius never presented him as an oracle.
Pattern of religion varied from regime to regime. Also, the religious involvement in governmental affair was not similar there. But in inter imperial relations religious difference or similarity played a strong role.