Clearing and Settlement of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

24/02/2013 15:31

Clearing Accounts is concerned with the monitoring and verification of clearing accounts related activities. The main function of clearing accounts is:

  • Margin Settlement
  • Data collection and processing and preparation of statements.
  • Collection and disbursement of payments.
  • Banking.
  • Clearance.
  • Demated spot trade settlement.
  • EX DP
  • Preparation of  Accounts.

Settlement of Member’s Margin:

  • Collection of security deposit as margin within trade.
  • Disbursement of security after maturity.
  • Maintenance of margin account such as demoted shares, FDR, Bank Guarantee.
  • Preparation of charges against margin.

Data collection and processing and preparation of statements

  • Collection & processing of trade related data and for preparation of necessary statements.
  • Calculation of Laga charge, Hawla charge and Tax at source.
  • Preparation of Receivable and Payable Statements after all adjustments.
  • Preparation of Accounting Statements.

Collection and disbursement of payments:

  • Collection of payment from selling broker as per Receivable Statement.
  • Issuance of cheque to the buying members as per Payable Statement.
  • Issuance of cheque to the members against security deposit after adjustment/maturity
  • Reconciliation with accounts.

Banking (General):

  • Assurance of deposit of cheques.
  • Assurance of payment order.

Banking (Fund):

  • Management of funds relating to clearing accounts.
  • Maintenance of FDR Account.


  • Preparation of daily clearance report and submission of report to IT.
  • Submission of weekly and monthly clearance reports (Defaulter List to SEC.
  • In case of Defaulters.
  • Stop all payments.
  • Preparation of Buying In/Selling Out order.
  • Preparation of the accounts regarding Buying In /Selling out.
  • Preparation of resumption order and provision of it for IT.
  • Submission of report to SEC regarding the settlement of defaulter members.

Demated spot trade settlement.

  • Assurance of deposit by the buying members to the bank.
  • Assurance of share availability of the selling members their clearing accounts.
  • Collection of data and preparation of Statement.
  • Issuance of payment.


  • Looking after all the reports provided by CDBL every day.
  • Assurance of available demated shares buying in / Selling out by DSE.
  • Collection of necessary documents.

Preparation of Accounts:

  • Daily & monthly ledger.
  • Daily and monthly clearing accounts.
  • Daily and monthly clearing reconciliation.
  • Maintenance Tax account daily and monthly.
  • Transfer of fines, interest and other charges monthly.