25/02/2013 21:54

The Country’s prime and oldest capital market, Dhaka Stock Exchange, is continuing its journey through the last 54 years and to reach a new height it has set another visionary target namely DSE Vision 2013 (a 5-Year Plan). Through adopting this mission and target-based approach DSE virtually heralds its arrival into the new era of serving the country’s economy, industrial sector and overall mission with a catalyst role. The Committee of DSE Vision 2013 (5-Year Plan) of DSE sat together on January 04, 2009 and opted out the following conspicuous points to be achieved by the above-mentioned time frame.

  • Market-based Targets
    • To increase the market capitalization to US$ 30 billion.
    • Market Capitalization to GDP ratio to be increased to 35%.
    • Daily trade volume to be increased to Tk 2,000 crore.
    • To expand trading facilities to the door of investors.
    • Through facilitating the process of introducing Book Building Method fundamentally sound and good companies should be enticed to get listed into the bourse.
    • Introducing financial to broaden and deepen the capital market.
  • Bond market to be activated to increase the depth and dimension of capital market.
  • Institutionally Internal Visions
  • To create a skilled and trained human resource team for DSE who will carry out the responsibilities and will be shouldered with all sort of duties to discharge with efficiency and professionalism.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology in IT Infrastructure to facilitate the automated trading activities faultlessly, which will ensure the accountability and visible transparency.
  • To set up an effectively On-line based National Clearing House; aiming to bring more transparency in trading financial instruments and to reduce time lag.
  • To review the Necessary Rules and Regulations (particularly Settlement Regulation 1998 and CDBL By-laws.
  • Investors’ Interest Protection
  • To lay time-bound emphasis on protecting the interest of investors to bring dynamism and more vibrant participants in market.
  • To give more emphasis on Investors’ awareness program for the sake of educating them properly.
  • Information dissemination and active strategies to reduce the degree and dimension of rumors.
  • Other targets of the Vision 2013 are SEC-DSE Joint Collaboration and Contribution to Country’s Economy.