Functions of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

24/02/2013 14:36

Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. (DSE) is a very reputed and important organization in the financial sector of Bangladesh. It is being proved to be an excellent enterprise for-

  • Being action oriented
  • Promoting managerial autonomy and entrepreneurship
  • Paying close attention to the needs of officers and employees.
  • Having a simple organization structure

The head of every department is charged with the responsibility to take the necessary actions to make it possible for each officer and employee to contribute to his best to the performance of the group or department, which ultimately will lead to the fulfillment of corporate goal- the efficient operation of the securities market of the country.

In short, the functions of DSE can be listed as follows:

  • Listing of companies
  • Providing the market place for trading of listed securities, settlement of trading.
  • Publication of daily index and Monthly Review etc.
  • Monitoring the activities of listed Companies.
  • Listing of Companies.(As per Listing Regulations)
  • Providing the screen based automated trading of listed Securities.
  • Settlement of trading.(As per Settlement of Transaction Regulations)
  • Gifting of share / granting approval to the transaction/transfer of share outside the trading system of the exchange (As per Listing Regulations 42)
  • Market Administration & Control.
  • Market Surveillance.
  • Publication of Monthly Review.
  • Monitoring the activities of listed companies. (As per Listing Regulations).
  • Investor’s grievance Cell (Disposal of complaint bye laws 1997).
  • Investors Protection Fund (As per investor protection fund Regulations 1999)
  • Announcement of Price sensitive or other information about listed companies through online.
  • The Clearing and Settlement module provides the management of trade from the point of entry into the Settlement Pool trade database until it has been delivered and settled and removed from the Settlement Pool. It consists of three major business processes.

Basically, there are four Divisions of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. The Divisions are: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Division, Accounts & Finance Division, Administrative Division and Operation Division. There are different departments under these four divisions. Among them some major departments and their functions are as follows-