History of Modern landscaping

21/02/2013 15:38

At Modern Landscape, it is not to create landscapes, it is to create emotions. Landscape design need not be boring and typical. Creating warm and inviting environments which homeowners and businesses are proud to show off to their neighbors is modern landscaping. It is refreshingly geometric. Clean lines and open spaces combine with sculpted detailing to create contemporary outdoor spaces. Wild overgrown areas are also welcome, as they rebel against more traditional manicured lawns. The key is putting it all together in a way that is original and eye-catching. Now a day modern landscaping is truly sustainable landscape. Land value of a space is very much connected with its landscaping. That is why designers are very much sensitive about landscaping. History of informal and formal landscape is now combined with each other. Geometric forms and informal lines are designed clearly together. Workable, usable, beautiful landscape design with less maintenance is modern landscape.