Internship Report On Dhaka Stock exchange (DSE) Its Services and Performance

17/02/2013 19:57

This internship report consists of five chapters & different related aspects have been discussed under seven headings.

 In chapter one, I have focused on the origin of the report that explains why I have prepared this report.Objectives of the report , sources of data collection, methodology of the report & limitations in preparing the report- all these are also  included in this part.

In the second chapter an overview on the prime bourse of the country - Dhaka Stock Exchange(DSE) is provided. DSE was established as East Pakistan Stock Exchange Association Limited on April, 19954, although formal trading begun in 1956. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the head of the management. At present, DSE is performed various activities related to the capital market through 26 departments under 4 divisions. The major departments are Surveillance, Listing Affairs, Market Operations, Monitoring, Investigation, and Compliance & Legal Departments etc.  DSE is going to shift at its second building at Nikunja within a short time. DSE has announced its 5 year plan namely DSE Vision-2013.

Third chapter of the report includes overview of the study. As the topic of the report is “Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE): Its Services and Performance”, this part includes a details of all the services provided by DSE. Here a chart is given so that a clear idea of all the services provided by DSE can be known at first look.

Performance analysis of Dhaka Stock Exchange and its interpretation are discussed in the fourth chapter of the report. For the convenience of performance analysis I have used some well-known financial tools and techniques. We know there are four indicators of market performance: (1) Market Capitalization (2) Value Turnover (3) Traded Volume & (4) Index. .For the convenience of  analysis I have  mostly used five years data that is year 2004-2008.Performance analysis of DSE is basically done by efficiency, liquidity and profitability ratios which indicate the true financial condition of Dhaka Stock Exchange.. In that case the graphical presentation of performance is shown in column, line, pie charts and so on. Interpretations of the graphical presentation are given along with the graphs & charts.

In the concluding chapter five some findings regarding Dhaka Stock Exchange are identified. Finally, some recommendations for making the capital market more active & efficient have been provided to conclude the chapter as well as the report.

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