Internship Report on Foreign exchange activities of Agrani bank Ltd

19/03/2013 20:13

At present around 60 Commercial Banks are operating in Bangladesh. Agrani Bank Limited is one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. Agrani Bank is a state-owned commercial bank of Bangladesh established in 1972.

Agrani Bank Limited concludes all types of commercial banking activities. The core business of the bank comprises of working capital finance, project finance, deposit banking, import, export and corporate finance. The bank is also rendering personal (consumer) credit, services related to local and foreign remittances. The bank’s strategy is to gradually cover the total arena of banking.  

Foreign Exchange department operates the imports and exports section. It informs the customer how to open L/C for exporting and importing goods and provide different types of L/C, Import, and Export Form to the customer. With the aim of providing efficient and reliable remittance facility through banking channel to nonresident Bangladeshi, ABL is always trying to increase its remittance business all over the world. ABL is trying to make a broad based remittance arrangement with various reputed exchange houses.

Objectives of the study    

BBA program is designed to produce banking executives who are capable to handle 21st century banking. So, as a student of this program, we must have to know what is happening in practice. So one may feel difficulty if he does not know what is happening in bank. To eradicate this shortcoming, every student of the program is placed in banks after the completion of theory. Most precisely we can identify the objectives of this report as follows:

  • Finding formal channels.
  • Analysis the trend of foreign remittance through formal channel.
  • Money laundering activities.
  • Problems of informal channels.
  • Importance of formal channels.
  • Finding the ways to increase foreign remittance in Bangladesh.

by Shamim Raihan

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