Internship Report On Foreign Trade Operation of Dhaka Bank Limited

11/02/2013 18:34

Dhaka Bank Limited was first incorporated as a Public Limited Company on April 06, 1995 under the Company Act 1994 and started its Commercial Operation on June 05, 1995 as a Private Commercial Bank. The bank is conducting its banking activities in Bangladesh through 71 branches.

The objective of DBL is making contribution in social and economical development, creating employment opportunities, providing service to its valued customers, providing efficient computerized and online banking system, enhancing trade finance  operation, accepting deposits on profit loss sharing basis, establishing a welfare orientated banking system.

DBL has some problems in Trade Finance Operation such as, lack of adept parsons in Trade Finance, insufficient technological support in Trade Finance, limited space in trade finance division, lack of proper training, vulnerable investment operations, insufficient manpower, no extra  promotional activities in Trade Finance Operation etc.

The findings and there implementations are delineated adequately for the redder to enable them to get the gist the of the core idea, behind the study.

This report has been prepared as a part of my successful completion of the internship program. Exposure to the corporate world and acquiring practical work experience was the primary objective of this assignment. I was attached with Dhaka Bank Ltd. (DBL), B.B.Road branch for my internship. The report focuses on Foreign trade Operation of DBL as I was attached with that division during the tenure of my internship program.

1.2 Objectives of the report

Objectives of the report are as follows:

  • To be familiar with the services offered by Dhaka Bank Ltd. (DBL), a commercial bank of Bangladesh, in settling international trade service.
  • To analyze the procedures of Trade Finance Department of Dhaka Bank Limited.
  • To analyze the performance of Foreign Trading Department of DBL  
  • To demonstrate the experience of the 3 month internship program at Dhaka Bank Limited.
  • To make a bridge between the theoretical and practical knowledge on banking operations.
  • To forecast the export business of DBL by using statistical tool.
  • To provide subsequent recommendations that may be necessary.
  • To find out the problems & prospects of import business under DBL.

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