Internship Report on Overall General Banking of Standard Bank Limited

21/02/2013 14:20

With the advent of the 21st century, globalization and consolidation amongst the multinational and foreign companies are making their impact in the third world economies including that of Bangladesh. The report studies how the bank has maintained growth in its general banking business by maintaining and enhancing its relationship with its clients. The success of The Standard Bank Limited is largely credited to its friendly, co-operative approach, understanding the foreign exchange policy  special banking needs of every client and concern for the benefits and welfare. A fundamental characteristic of money is that it is very much like a collective commodity. It is a parallel relationship between the Money and Banking. Bank is an important and essential financial institution for the necessity of the use of money and the protection of the money. At the very arena of globalization and technological innovation, banking business has become competitive. To cope with this, bankers should have vast theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge as well as technical basic. As a BBA student, with major in Accounting, I felt bank was my destiny to gather the real practical knowledge.

During the preparation of the internship report, the students are guided and supervised by the faculties of the department with whom they are attached to, where my organization supervisor is Mr. Md. Suruj Ali (SAVP) of Standard Bank Ltd. (Foreign Exchange Branch) and my institute supervisor is Most. Joyna Siddiqua, Lecturer and Course Instruction of Business Administration, ASA University Bangladesh. Each student is required to work on a specific topic to his/her learning with the attachment of any respective organization.  As part of the program, I am highly proud to join with Standard Bank Ltd. (Foreign Exchange Branch) as Internee and my institution supervisor selecting a topic for me as “Overall General Banking of Standard Bank ”. I was placed in Standard Bank Ltd. for a period of three months. This internship is an orientation to the entire working activities of Standard Bank Ltd. However, I had worked there in several departments, but I had to select an area of study in which I can make detail research and present my understanding in the report.

by Mohammad Nurul Islam Rony

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