Logitic, Maintenance and Protocol Department of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

24/02/2013 15:09

Logistic, Maintenance and Protocol Department of DSE is involved in providing all types of logistic and protocol services as per requirement.

Functions of Logistic & Protocol Department:

  • Collections of member’s dues.
  • Preparation of bills for listing fees.
  • Collection of listing fees.
  • Follow up of listing fees realization and receivables from listed companies.
  • Maintenance of liaison with banks.
  • Dealing with important matters and L/C when necessary.
  • Net capital balance collection from members and reporting to SEC.
  • Any other duties as and when required.
  • Insurance of members and DSE staff.
  • Supervision snd assurance of the logistic and supply chain of DSE.
  • Procurement/purchase of logistic items to run smoothly.
  • Monitoring the responsibilities of logistic support units.

Functions of Maintenance Department:

  • Maintenance 0f 1250 KVA substation (1250 KVA transformer, 11 KV H.T switch gear, 2000 ALT 400 Emergency control panel).
  • Maintenance of 250 KVA & 30 KVA generators.
  • Maintenance voltage stabilizer of IT main server & lift power supply.
  • Maintenance of lift.
  • Maintenance of Photocopier.
  • Maintenance of power distribution at all the floors in 9/E and 9/F, DSE.
  • Maintenance of the PABX system.
  • Maintenance of air cooler of DSE office.
  • Taking care of all office, toilet & lighting of 12 floors in DSE.
  • Maintenance of all types of electrical applications and supervision of related activities.
  • Maintenance of pump (water supply).