Report on Marketing Plan on Close Up Neem Toothpaste

21/02/2013 17:27

The researches of this report say that Unilever continues to play an active role in the area of corporate social responsibility. Unilever has given Dhaka International Airport - the gateway of Bangladesh a completely new look. Beautification of the premises is an exemplary initiative which no other multinational has taken.

Close Up knows that being close is a fundamental human need. Each Close Up product as long lasting freshness, gives you the social confidence you need to get closer to others. 

In many of our products we use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the results you need. Our latest innovation combines two benefits in one toothpaste using new centre-filled technology. In Europe Signal combines the benefits of gel toothpaste with the anti-bacterial action of a mouthwash, while in Asia Close Up has a gel with milk calcium nutrients, neem in its centre to give you strong teeth and fresh breath.

Being as change oriented as its target market, Close Up continually renews the oral care experience by introducing new flavors every now and then. The new Close up offers four exciting flavors including an all new Eucalyptus Buzz. Other variants are Menthol Chill, Icy Cool, neem and Red Hot. 

The overall marketing process of Unilever Company is good. Though they have some internal problem they are still trying to prevent it.

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