Opportunity of Investment by Foreign Investors to DSE

03/03/2013 20:35

Bangladesh has adopted a very liberal industrial policy for foreign investment:

  • No limitations pertaining to equity participation i.e. up to 100 percent foreign private investment allowed.
  • Except five reserve sectors, all industries are open for private investment. Industries earmarked for public sector investment are in the reserve sector namely:
  1. arms, ammunition and other defence equipment and machinery
  2.  Production of nuclear energy,
  3.  Forest plantation and mechanized extraction within the bounds of reserved forests,
  4.  Security printing (currency notes ) & minting and,
  5.  Railways & air transportation (except certain domestic routes and air cargo)

      - No permission of the government required to set up new industries

     - For obtaining industries facilities like procurement of land, electricity, gas and sewerage connection, importation of capital machinery and raw materials tax rebate, duty drawback facilities etc. industries need only to be registered with the board of investment (BOI) in a simple prescribed from.