Products and services of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

28/02/2013 12:42

DSE Information Services is the comprehensive and ultimate source of listed companies information, including company news, financial statements, historical and real-time trading data, major shareholders, board of directors, rights and benefits, corporate action, etc. They are the services designed by Dhaka Stock Exchange to serve various groups of customers who would like to access and disseminate trading or listed company information either with commercial or non-commercial purpose. The current customers of DSE Information Services are those of member companies, data vendors, presses, academic institutes, mutual funds, governmental agencies and general investors.


DSE Information Services is developed by Dhaka Stock Exchange to collect, compile, store and disseminate the reliable, accurate and up-to-date data in numerous form of products to match the different requirements of each customer group. By accessing to the DSE Information Services, you will distinctively save both time and money than acquiring the data by your own.