Report on evaluating the financial performance of SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited

12/03/2013 18:52

1.1 Scope of this report:

The scope of the report was based on the annual reports & web site, input from interviews of executives of the SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited. To analyze the situation in question, we worked on focusing on SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited and analyzing their financial statements, company performance, risk analysis, estimating the company’s intrinsic value, relating their performance with the industry etc. The analysis was based on the exposed and available information only. In-depth data were not always available on-demand due to some unavailable reasons.


1.2 Objectives:

Our analysis is destined at evaluating the financial performance of   SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Limited in comparison to other contestant firms in the market and in comparison to the whole industry. With this core objective we seek to achieve the following sub‐objectives:

1. To relate the theoretical part of our study with the practical life.

2. To evaluate the profit earning capacity and potential of the firm.

3. To scrutinize the operational and other efficiencies of the management.

4. To measure the risk exposure of the firm – both business and financial risk.

5. To appraise the performance of the company in the stock market.

6. To determine the intrinsic value of the company.

7. To determine the possible financial distress and possibility of bankruptcy of the firm.

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1.3 Methodology:

Information used to prepare this report has been collected from both the primary and secondary sources which together provided more comprehensive information.