Research and Development Department of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

24/02/2013 15:14

The Research & Library Department is concerned with providing assistance to all types of research work and supervising the DSE library.

Functions of Research & Development Department:

  • Preparing database for all listed companies.
  • Supporting to teachers and students in their research works and projects by providing necessary data listed companies.
  • Distribution of required information to members and investors to meet up their quarries regarding listed companies, any regulation, etc.
  • Inform the listing department of any announcement regarding company degradation, share addition, etc. which the listing Department sends to IT for announcement.
  • Provision of data and information for publication & Public Relation Department for any publication of DSE like Monthly review, Annual report, Profile, Diary, etc.
  • Submission of monthly data regarding market trade to SEC.
  • Regular provision of data to SEC as per requirement.